Libby McArthur – The Business of Show,  Workshop Facilitator, Teacher and Inspirational Speaker.

Libby pulls on all of her thirty-odd years of experience as a storyteller, actor, singer, stand up comedian, writer, director, presenter and teacher to deliver a full programme of interactive workshops. Each will create an opportunity, to explore our character, to share inspirational tools, train in leadership skills, and help us develop fresh strategies for happier, healthier connections with the people in our lives. An opportunity to break from the assumptions that overrule our awareness, to a way of being that is full of clarity and intention.

The Business of Show is a series of three creative workouts delivered through inspirational workshops:

Creative Leadership: for leaders, managers and trainers.

Creativity v’s Celebrity :  for young people and the folk that work with them.

The Relationship: A Co-Creative Communication… for grown ups in relationships.

(That’ll be you!)

All three workouts set out to provide the belief in, and the means to create the possibility of ‘showing up’ for ourselves and others, as true creatives, at cause and on purpose.