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phoneWe now have a new phone number for the office, so please update your little black books …
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Last Fair of the 2012 – Glasgow, November 24/25!

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Just have a wee look at this great range of stands exhibiting at the Glasgow Body & Soul Fair :

Psychics, mediums, training groups and classes, reiki, reflexology, Feng Shui, Aura photography, complementary therapies, weight loss herbals, health & beauty, jewellery, past life regression, healing crystals, shiatsu training, Christian mystic prayer, Indian Head massage, Helix healing, spiritual sundance and a great selection of gorgeous gifts for everyone.

Looking to be the biggest Body & Soul Fair of the year with a truly fabulous celebrity Special Guest giving an inspirational free talk and also an unmissable paid workshop. River City star Libby McArthur will be with us over the weekend.

For more details see the article on Libby and go to her Facebook: Libby McArthur

To buy a ticket for the workshop (£10)

For Exhibitor details click here.

For the talk programme click here.


Creativity vs Celebrity – Free Talk Saturday 2pm

Libby pulls on all of her thirty-odd years of experience as a storyteller, actor, singer, stand up comedian, writer, director, presenter and teacher to deliver this inspiring and entertaining – of course! – talk.

‘When a true artist creates it is and can only be, Spiritual. Thus, true Creativity is synonymous with Spirituality. Many people paint however, in my view an artist creates.The true creative journey is fraught with self-doubt and anguish because it’s a search for our innocence and in turn the death of the ego! It is a journey that heals the soul, however if we confuse art and fame it becomes a Faust tale. If indeed we try and twist this journey and use our creative energies solely in the pursuit of celebrity then we will ultimately self-sabotage.’

Creativity – A Spiritual Journey workshop

Sunday 2.00 – 4.00pm Tickets £10

So many of us are feeling uninspired these days. We look for leadership. Traditionally we have looked to our artists to show us a creative spiritual path that we can follow and be inspired by.

Today we have become frustrated with the celebrity culture created by mainstream media groups and publications. A consistently detached culture of personal ambition. All too often without real depth or any meaning for us in our daily search for direction.

Where is this leadership to be found? Who do we look to for inspiration and direction? For those of us interested in real growth our desire for creative leadership has always been strongly felt and never more so at a time when those that are in our ‘leadership’ i.e. decision making roles, seem to be there for the ‘wrong’ reasons. It seems whether it be Politics, the Banks, our Media world or the Arts our leaders are all too often a sad disappointment to us all.

The shift in consciousness that we have needed for so long is finally being understood by us more and more. So where is true inspiration to be found? Let’s explore these issues and our creative /spiritual journey and maybe even find out.

To buy a ticket for the workshop (£10)