BBC Drama series ‘Rivercity’ playing Gina Rossi/Hamilton. 2002- present day.

BBC Drama ‘Life Support’ directed by Richard Laxton. 1999.

BBC Drama ‘Looking after Jo-Jo’ , playing Tricia. Directed by John McKenzie. 1998.

STV ‘High Road’ playing Senga Cherry. 1996-97.

BBC Drama ‘The Ring of Truth’ with Jimmy Logan and Annie Ross. Directed by Richard Downes. 1996.

BBC Drama Trilogy Lambrusco Nights, ‘Icing on the Cake’ Playing Mary. Directed by Eleanor Yule.

BBC Series ‘Hamish MacBeth. Season 2. Episode 3. Playing Gloria. 1996

STV series ‘Dr. Finlay’ Episode Mercury. Playing Mrs. Simpson. 1996

BBC Drama short film ‘Double Nougat’ by Aileen Ritchie.


STV/SMG ‘Taggart’ Director Alan MacMillian.

‘Skin deep’ playing Morag Todd. 2000.

‘A few bad men’ playing Diane Weir. 1998

‘Death without dishonour’ playing Winnie. 1993


STV Six part series ‘My Dead Dad’ playing Ova. Written by John McKay. 1991

BBC Rab. C. Nesbit 1st Poller.1990

BBC Six part series ‘ Playing for Real’  playing June. Director Jim Hill. 1988



For Play Pie and Pint, Anne Marie Di Mambro’s, black comedy, two hander ‘Ae Fond Kiss ‘playing Lola. Followed by Scottish tour/ Edinburgh Festival run of same. 2007.

For Robert C. Kelly Productions, ‘ Mums the Word ‘ King’s Theatre 2001 and Cinderella in Ayr 2009.

Founder member of ‘ Penny Mob Theatre Company’ with Willy Maley. 1990-1993. Acting and directing in various productions including ‘ From the Calton to Catalonia ‘ by John and Willy Maley and directing community tour of ‘ Four Walls ‘ by Doreen McCardle. Also directing a community tour of ‘ The Lions of Lisbon ‘ by Willy Maley and Ian Auld. Which then enjoyed a successful run at, ‘The Pavillion Theatre.’

Drama Worker in Residence in Blackhill during 1990 City of Culture. Writing and directing various productions, culminating in ‘Blackhill Born and Bred’ a massive community production.

Member of Comedy Group, ‘ The Funny Farm ‘ directing The Cathy and Clare show with Clare Hemphill and Kate Donnelly. Also Comedy Double- Acts, Lib’n’Rene with Eirene Houston and Take two with Louise Goodall. Performing at Mayfest and Edinburgh Festival. Touring throughout late eighties.

Redheads Theatre Company. With Peter Mullan, Peter Arnott and Kate Donnelly. Political satire/ sketches. Highly popular sell out gigs in Glasgow and Edinburgh. Mayfest and Festival through the mid-eighties.

Scottish tour for Winged Horse Theatre Company, ‘ Yellow on the Broom ‘ by Anne Downie. Playing Betsy. 1985.



Regular contributer to Eddie Mair show in nineties, and Fred McAuley show in the Noughties.